Every time we say good bye – Prabodh

KCFS in its present form, focused on Film Curatorial Practices, is saying goodbye (must remember the Ella Fitzgerald song ‘Every time we say good bye’). After six years of its active presence in the city of Mumbai, with so many energetic and skilled saathidars (young), as my associates, the six years passed by as magically as cinema goes. We were able to make our presence felt, in and around, on and off, more or less. What with extraordinary retrospectives and festivals, in more than twenty five institutions of the city of Mumbai, bringing on screen the films of Bela Tarr, Fassbinder, Tarkvosky, Ghatak, Mani Kaul and other filmmakers who’s work provokes us to cherish the experience of having seen their works. We were involved in curating, debating and dialoguing around all the screenings (what more than three to four hundred films and sometimes with the audience of just twenty attentive faces).

This is the time of thanksgiving.. to Geeta Dharamrajan for dreaming and making this project real, Shai Heredia and IFA for making it continue as an unusual experiment. of course none of this would have happened but for the research associates who were involved passionately, Deepti Dcunha, Subuhi Jiwani, Devdutt Trivedi, Iyesha Abbas, Ananya Parikh, Khaliq Parkar and Svetlana. All these young ones who take cinema as a way of life are on with their onward journey, involved academically or as curators in the world of cinema.

Just as i informed you in 2005 of initiating this, I thought it would be a good idea for you to know that I am now watching the world pass by from the window and KCFS is taking out a procession for it to be continued.

I am sure it will, in one way or the other.


– Prabodh Parikh