Who are We

Currently involved in the four year Curatorial Project in association with the India Foundation for the Arts and funded by the Jamsetji Tata Trust, Katha Centre for Film Studies (KCFS) is an institution under Katha, a Delhi-based community-welfare organization and publishing house.

Since its inception, KCFS has actively involved young people from the city of Mumbai in its activities and film festivals. Besides organizing regular screenings at educational and cultural institutions, KCFS has encouraged young minds to think about film, critically and carefully, and created spaces where they can present films to a wider public.

The KCFS Team

Prabodh Parikh, Director – KCFS, is retired Professor of Philosophy, an active artist and Gujarati poet. Currently teaches at Whistling Woods International Film School when not clicking his fingers to Jazz. The Director’s director of choice is Francois Truffaut.



Svetlana Naudiyal, Research Associate – KCFS, studied to be a Biotechnologist, dabbled with Advertising and eventually found her home in Film Studies and Film Festival related activities. Meticulously plans travels to imaginary destinations, aspires to work for Film Festivals across the world, religiously falls sick and somewhere in between works for KCFS.


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